Our second newest lash style is, "1999." This Lash style is dedicated to our CEO/Owner, who recently celebrated a birthday back in December 2018. 


"1999" is one of our fullest mink strips available on the site, also another 3D Lash style. 


This lash style received its name, because it is dedicated to closure. As we enter a new year, I hope all of my Lash BFF's can experience the joy of moving on, closing old doors, breaking old habits, and protecting your inner peace. Doing so in style, wearing your Classic Pretty Girls TRAP "1999" Mink Strips! 


  • We take skincare and facial hygiene very seriously here at Pretty Girls TRAP, so unfortunately ALL sales are FINAL. Please be sure to order the correct items :)

  • 25mm mink lashes

P.O. Box 99203 Raleigh NC 27624

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